Building Blocks from other Communities

Biomimicry design philosophy

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Ecovative looks towards nature as a source of inspiration. Their products evolve from the belief that natural solutions are poised to cause the least amount of disruption in the health of the world around us. Their foam product is a testament to this-- it is biodegradable and can be produced with a fraction of the resources required to make traditional Petrochemical plastic foams.

Human Centered Design

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Based on hundreds of hours of user interviews, we relaunched AtmaGo in Indonesia at the beginning of 2015, and since then we’ve reached over 14,000 unique users and 100,000 page views. And our approach is already improving people’s lives—in February 2015, during the floods that inundated poor sections of Jakarta, people used AtmaGo to share tips on flood prevention, locations of flooding shelters, and updates on which areas to avoid. AtmaGo has already helped people get better access to food, report problems with water, and share info on jobs and education.