At Converge our purpose is to make complex collaborations work. We have partnered within organizations and across sectors, combining strategic rigor with creativity and heart. We are more focused on process than content, so we’ve worked in diverse issue areas such as large landscape stewardship, city renewal, agriculture, electronics, and financial services.

We bring to each engagement expertise in systems and design thinking and in organizational and network strategy, with extensive experience partnering with committed leaders to build successful complex collaborations, turn around lagging collaborative efforts, and help organizations scale their impact through a network approach.

Some of our current and recent complex collaborations include:

  • Santa Cruz Mountains Stewardship Network, a network of 19 organizations including local, state, and federal agencies, nonprofits, academia, business, community, and tribal groups, to ensure the resilience of the Santa Cruz Mountains region through coordinated and collaborative efforts at the landscape and local levels.
  • UCSF Health Coordination of Care Network, a 40-person collaboration to improve the coordination of care for people with serious illnesses across 10 sites and 12 disciplines at UCSF Health.
  • Financial Advantage Network, a regional network to increase the financial resilience of the 1.7m unbanked and underbanked low-income households across Washington State.
  • Fresno's New Leadership Network, a diverse network of 48 cross-sector leaders working to revitalize the city of Fresno, CA. Read the Case Study here.

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